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IIMPACT Quarterly Report – July 2015

We thank you for your valuable contribution towards educating girls in remote and rural areas of India.  Your support has helped improve their lives by making their parents and communities more responsible towards them.  Together we have created ways in which everyone – the teachers, learners and the local community – contribute to making the lives of the girls in these remote areas a little better.  I must mention here that skepticism and distrust has slowly been replaced with a sense of community pride and ownership.

The Learning Centers for closed for the summer holidays.  It was during this period that teacher training was organize across all our hubs.  Our teachers also took this opportunity to conduct Parent Teacher meetings, community meetings as well as Village Education Committee meetings.

The highlight of the story is teachings science experiments to teachers in a very simple way.  Raghav Mehrotra, currently studying at Stanford University, showed a keen interest in conducting Science Workshops.  This was the first exclusive Science Training Programme and the teachers were happy to gain inputs from the workshops.

Download the July 2015 quarterly report here.

With best regards

Urvashi Nair
Director Marketing, IIMPACT

Season’s Greetings & Best Wishes for 2015!


IIMPACT Australia was an idea that found favour with the IIM Alumni in Australia and the Indian community and we started work on establishing the organisation in January 2013.  We have now completed a little over two years of operations in Australia and have funded five Learning Centres in India.  We are proud to be supporting the continued expansion of IIMPACT Learning Centres who now have 45,000 girls enrolled in 1,000 Learning Centres across 11 states.

As we commence another year of iIMPACT’s operation in Australia, we invite our sponsors, donors, members and ‘friends of iIMPACT’ to join us in celebrating what has been achieved with your support.

  • 26 January 2013: Mr Arun Goel, Consul General of India in Sydney, announces iIMPACT at the official Republic Day address in Sydney.  VFS Global enables Donations of Spare Change at 32 countertops across their offices in Australia.
  • 7 February 2013: Announcing iIMPACT in Australia, a non-profit charity is registered in NSW with the first managing committee and members drawn from alumni of the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad in Australia.  Mrs Alka Goel, wife of the Hon. Consul General of India, joins iIMPACT as Patron.
  • 9 August 2013: iIMPACT Australia Launches with Passionate Appeal, with eminent guests conversing with Mrs Nirmala Tandon, CEO iIMPACT India, via Skype.  The resulting goodwill and media exposure starts to spread the word about this worthwhile cause among Australian Indians.
  • 30 September 2013: The First iiMPACT Australia funded LC is Launched in Village Indpur, located in the Nogaon Block of District Alwar at a distance of around 130 km. from New Delhi.  Teacher Ms Raslu Deen will instruct 30 young girls at Indpur.  iIMPACT Australia Patron Mrs Alka Goel inaugurates the Learning Centre to an enthusiastic welcome from village parents and children.

Our goal is to provide $6,000 for 3 years’ funding of each LC we open.  We also encourage donors and members to visit our LC to get a first hand impression of the outcomes being achieved in closing the female literacy gap and empowering women in India. How many such LCs do you think we could support in 2016?

Join us as a member of iIMPACT Educating the Girl Child, Inc. and lend your weight to this cause.

‘Educate a girl, change a community!’

Warm regards to you and your family from iIMPACT Australia.

First iIMPACT Australia funded Learning Centre launched!

The first Learning Centre (LC) funded for 3 years by iIMPACT Australia was inaugurated on 30 September 2013 by iIMPACT Patron Mrs Alka Goel, visiting from Sydney.  The new LC is in Village Indpur, located in the Nogaon Block of District Alwar at a distance of around 130 km. from New Delhi.  Teacher Ms Raslu Deen will instruct 30 young girls at Indpur.

Mrs Goel said, “This was an educational experience for me.  And I am grateful to have got the chance to be there and see and experience firsthand the great work Nirmala and her team do -seemingly so effortlessly!”

Mrs Goel congratulated iIMPACT India CEO Nirmala Tandon and Marketing Director Urvashi Nair (both honorary roles) on putting together a wonderful team of motivated people.

Mr Rajiv Dhar, Vice President of iIMPACT Australia also attended the event with iIMPACT India President Mr Anil Tandon.  Mr Dhar said, “It was quite moving to see the girls, their families and the community. The warmth and keenness was palpable. The effort put in by the iIMPACT team in creating and setting up the learning centre was understated and made me feel proud to be associated with them. Deep down I must confess that what we do in our corporate lives pales into insignificance compared to the transformation that the [iIMPACT India team] have brought about and continue to bring in the lives of so many wonderful souls in the interior of India.”

Our thanks to iIMPACT Partner VFS Global for their support in collecting funds from generous visitors to the Indian Passport & Visa Offices operated by them in Australia.  We also thank other individuals and employees of VFS Global for their donations that made this first Learning Centre possible.

Read more about the background to the Indpur Learning Centre.

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