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IIMPACT Australia Secures Record Donations in 2020! Half Yearly Report Jul-Dec 2020 Over January-June 2020 our donors contributed over $15,000. So we surprised ourselves with a blowout July-December 2020 during which we raised over $20,000 from repeat donors and many new to the cause. This $35,000 raising...

Dedicate a Learning Centre to a Loved One When you sponsor a Learning Centre, you help educate up to 30 girl children for one year. While that’s reason enough to get involved, there are other benefits to being a sponsor. iimpact Australia is a Deductible Gift Recipient, so...

IIMPACT Australia was an idea that found favour with the IIM Alumni in Australia and the Indian community and we started work on establishing the organisation in January 2013.  We have now completed a little over two years of operations in Australia and have funded...

The first Learning Centre (LC) funded for 3 years by iIMPACT Australia was inaugurated on 30 September 2013 by iIMPACT Patron Mrs Alka Goel, visiting from Sydney.  The new LC is in Village Indpur, located in the Nogaon Block of District Alwar at a distance of around 130 km. from New Delhi.  Teacher Ms Raslu Deen will instruct 30 young girls at Indpur.

Mrs Goel said, “This was an educational experience for me.  And I am grateful to have got the chance to be there and see and experience firsthand the great work Nirmala and her team do -seemingly so effortlessly!”

Mrs Goel congratulated iIMPACT India CEO Nirmala Tandon and Marketing Director Urvashi Nair (both honorary roles) on putting together a wonderful team of motivated people.

Mr Rajiv Dhar, Vice President of iIMPACT Australia also attended the event with iIMPACT India President Mr Anil Tandon.  Mr Dhar said, “It was quite moving to see the girls, their families and the community. The warmth and keenness was palpable. The effort put in by the iIMPACT team in creating and setting up the learning centre was understated and made me feel proud to be associated with them. Deep down I must confess that what we do in our corporate lives pales into insignificance compared to the transformation that the [iIMPACT India team] have brought about and continue to bring in the lives of so many wonderful souls in the interior of India.”

Our thanks to iIMPACT Partner VFS Global for their support in collecting funds from generous visitors to the Indian Passport & Visa Offices operated by them in Australia.  We also thank other individuals and employees of VFS Global for their donations that made this first Learning Centre possible.

Read more about the background to the Indpur Learning Centre.

iIMPACT India Trust CEO Nirmala Tandon made an impassioned appeal for support via a Skype video-link from Gurgaon, India to invited guests at iIMPACT’s formal launch on Friday, 9 August, 2013.  “Even after graduation from iIMPACT Learning Centres at Year 5, our girls remain connected to iIMPACT teachers, administrators and sponsors.  Those completing school have appealed to their sponsors for support with college education, vocational education or jobs – and they have not been disappointed.”

Ms Tandon spoke with ‘passion and compassion’ when describing the circumstances of villagers in remote areas such as Uttarakhand, often several hours away even from a dirt road.  iIMPACT seeks out such neglected areas to establish the innovative Learning Centres for ‘joyful learning’ by girls in the 6-14 year age group.  Ms Tandon also announced that the first Learning Centre funded by iIMPACT Australia would be named as such and located close to New Delhi International airport for convenient visits by Australian supporters.

Chief Guest, His Excellency Mr Arun Goel, Consul General of India, gave examples of outstanding achievements by young men and women from rural and disadvantaged communities, proving they only needed the opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities and achieve their potential.  He commended iMPACT and similar organisations that are delivering significant outcomes at low cost and transforming entire communities.

Nirmala Tandon, IIMPACT CEO

We are happy to share with you that 2,417 girls have graduated from the IIMPACT learning centers in the year 2012-2013. We CONGRATULATE them for this achievement.  These girls have been through all manner of difficulties but they have shown what they are capable of achieving.

Girls passing out from our centers have great potential to continue in higher education. Currently about 76 percent of girls graduating from IIMPACT centres are continuing their education into higher classes. We should be mindful that these girls belong to the most marginalized communities in the villages. Most of them are from Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribes and minority communities. Most of them are first generation learners in their families.   Along with the mothers, we help the girls to overcome the disadvantages and discrimination they face in everyday life by promoting education. We are trying to address the needs of severely disadvantaged population where there are 8 to 10 children in a family.  We at IIMPACT see that education reaches these underprivileged girls who have never been to  school before.

By Ananya Gupta, IIMPACT Intern

Kavita was one of my first new friends from the village Bandipur in Alwar. She was the first one to walk into the room proceeding to confidently sit down beside me, and started questioning me immediately. I have never been so taken aback before. Visiting centers, I was always the first one to talk incessantly, make jokes to break the ice. For the first time I felt like there was no ice to break, and I was already one of them before I had even uttered a word.