West Bengal needs your help!

Learning Centres in West Bengal Needing Urgent Funding!

IIMPACT India is funded largely by corporate donors in India. Some of these companies have been impacted by the global pandemic and some have cut back their funding.

As a result, we now have 100 Learning Centres in West Bengal without ongoing funding that are at risk of closure.

IIMPACT Australia is now embarking on a campaign to fund these Learning Centres, appealing to individuals, other Associations and charitable foundations.

Crowdfund a Learning Centre

Throughout this year, IIMPACT Australia will run campaigns to raise donations that will crowdfund Learning Centres in need of sponsorship. Your donation of any amount will be consolidated with others to fund a Learning Centre (A$2,500 per year).

Sponsor a Learning Centre on your own

Choose a Learning Centre to sponsor and sponsor it as an individual, sponsor through your organisation or with a group of friends. You may be able to select a location and can choose to name the Centre, with signage. You can hold a launch event (at your cost and with prior arrangement) and visit the Centre. You will get regular updates on the progress of your Learning Centre. Just A$2,500 sponsors a Learning Centre and educates 30 girls for a year!

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