Make a Workplace Donation

Many employers match donations made by you! iimpact Australia is registered with:

  • Good2Give
  • Benevity 
  • PayPal Giving Fund

Contact us if your employer uses a different service provider to match donations.


Good2Give offers a platform for employers in Australia and New Zealand to match donations by their employees. Click here for details.

Benevity is a global platform for employers to match donations by their employees. Click here for details.

PayPal Giving Fund doesn’t charge you or us a fee for donations made via this platform. However, there is no matching donation. Click here for details.

How Workplace Giving Works

Workplace giving allows employees to donate money to your charity directly from their pay. This way of donating is before tax, so a $5 donation would be approximately $3 out of a donor’s pocket and $2 in tax, depending on their tax bracket.

Fund matching is completely up to the corporate, which means the organisation might choose to double donations, triple them or not to match donations. Donations that go through the Good2Give Workplace Giving Platform have the potential to turn a $5 donation into a $10 donation.

Get a CSR Toolkit to make an impact!

Download the CSR Toolkit (courtesy Benevity) to begin building the foundation for an impactful program. You’ll get the insights you need to make tough decisions and discover strategies that will help you bring your engagement and impact to the next level.

[Images and content – Courtesy Good2Give]