RANI is proud to support the education of girl children in Rajasthan

The vision at IIMPACT Australia is to transform the lives of women, families and entire communities through the education and empowerment of the girl child. You can donate to support our partnership with IIMPACT Australia (and receive a tax deduction). IIMPACT guarantees that 100% of your donation will go towards educational service delivery, with all administrative costs being funded separately.

"As a mother of two amazing princesses, I know that a mother plays a lead role to make or break her children's future. Hence the future of our motherland is in the hands of today's well nurtured girl child. RANI has always worked towards the upliftment of children in remote areas of India."
Swapna Bhutada
Founder & President of Rajasthani Association of NSW Inc (RANI).

Rajasthani Association of NSW Inc (RANI) is a not-for-profit organisation based out of Sydney. We are a volunteer run organisation that believes in making valuable contributions to society – both in Sydney as well as back in our roots, Rajasthan. 

40 IIMPACT Learning Centres in Rajasthan Need Your Support!

IIMPACT Learning Centres (LCs) are funded by Indian corporates as well as individuals from around the world. Due to changing circumstances, 40 Learning Centres in Rajasthan are in immediate need of sponsorship. 

A BIG BIG heartfelt THANK YOU. 

Sudheer Vyas hails from Bikaner in Rajasthan and ran the Sydney marathon on 18 Sep 2022 on behalf of RANI to raise funds for an LC in Rihana, Bundi District, Rajasthan. His message to his supporters:

Mission(s) accomplished!! Yes, we did it!!

I completed Sydney Marathon 2022 (42.2 km) in 4.5 hours.

With combination of bit of commitment, perseverance, luck and above everything else YOUR SUPPORT and wishes, we achieved the target of raising $2,500 to help IIMPACT Australia and Rajasthani Association of NSW INC (RANI) for girls’ education in rural & remote India plus. Who knows, one or all of the girls we are supporting may go on to unravel the mysteries of universe or find cure of lethal diseases.

Sudheer Vyas raised $2500 for an LC in Rihana!

No.Centre Name (#)DistrictBlock
1Jairoli (LC-01129)AlwarKishangarh Bas
2Nadoo (LC-00766)AlwarRajgarh
3Lanki (LC-00549)AlwarRajgarh
4Ramsinghpura (LC-00791)AlwarRajgarh
5Roopbas (LC-00839)AlwarRajgarh
6Mahwa Khurd (LC-01130)AlwarRajgarh
7Gogpura (LC-00315)BundiBundi
8Guwari (LC-00334)BundiBundi
9Jakhana (LC-00382)BundiBundi
10Rihana (LC-00836)BundiBundi
11Ajeta (LC-01155)BundiBundi
12Baniyani (LC-00092)BundiKeshoraipatan
13Pholai (LC-00281)BundiKeshoraipatan
14Karwala (LC-00447)BundiKeshoraipatan
15Gothara (LC-01154)BundiKeshoraipatan
16Ratiyapura (LC-02073)KarauliKarauli
17Bargaon (LC-01954)RajsamandKumbhalgarh
18Bargaon (LC-01956)RajsamandKumbhalgarh
19Bareend (LC-01983)RajsamandKumbhalgarh
20Dab Kuriya (LC-01984)RajsamandKumbhalgarh
No.Centre Name (#)DistrictBlock
21Kaleenjar (LC-01985)RajsamandKumbhalgarh
22Kaleenjar (LC-01986)RajsamandKumbhalgarh
23Peechhoron Ki Bhagal (LC-01988)RajsamandKumbhalgarh
24Bargula (LC-01989)RajsamandKumbhalgarh
25Kintawato Ki Bhagel (LC-01990)RajsamandKumbhalgarh
26Dhooni Ki Bhagal (LC-01992)RajsamandKumbhalgarh
27Sadri (LC-01215)RajsamandRailmagra
28Bhoorwara (LC-01220)RajsamandRailmagra
29Ardakiya (LC-01224)RajsamandRailmagra
30Chokri (LC-01225)RajsamandRailmagra
31Chokri (LC-01226)RajsamandRailmagra
32Kuraj (LC-01254)RajsamandRailmagra
33Gogathala (LC-01907)RajsamandRailmagra
34Ora (LC-01925)RajsamandRailmagra
35Lathiya Kheri (LC-01927)RajsamandRailmagra
36Madara (LC-01944)RajsamandRailmagra
37Ardakiya (LC-01945)RajsamandRailmagra
38Peepali Aheeran (LC-02308)RajsamandRailmagra
39Pema Khera (LC-02309)RajsamandRailmagra
40Ora (LC-02310)RajsamandRailmagra