When you sponsor a Learning Centre, you help educate up to 30 girl children for one year. While that’s reason enough to get involved, there are other benefits to being a sponsor. You can brand your LC – dedicate it to the memory of a loved one! Your sponsorship donation is fully tax-deductible and 100% of your donation is guaranteed to go to education, not administrative or fundraising costs.


It only takes one person to make the biggest difference. Sponsor a Learning Centre on your own. You can name it to commemorate a loved one.

"My father used his entire pension to educate girls near our home town of Kancharapa, West Bengal. I'm dedicating an LC in his name."
Jayantha Bhakta


Whatever your organisation’s mandate, we can provide a tailored program to suit you and provide regular reporting on outcomes achieved with your donation.

"We are delighted to be helping such a wonderful initiative to make a difference with the gift of education to girls in rural India."
Frank van Gogh
CEO, Joyce Australia

Private Group

Have an extraordinary group of friends or colleagues? Do something extraordinary together and sponsor a Learning Centre. We can set up a private page for you to share on social.

"We were so moved by the work of iimpact, that we intend to donate to future events as well."
Sunayana Raghuraman
Macquarie University Medicine Society

How much does it cost to sponsor a Learning Centre?

If you choose to help crowdfund a Learning Centre, you can donate whatever you can afford. If you want to directly sponsor a Learning Centre, we ask you to commit to a $2,500 (tax-deductible) donation. We do not deduct any fund-raising costs (covered by our members).

Key financials IIMPACT India (FYE 31/3/22):
● Admin/overheads: INR 1,59,70,686 (AUD 287,896) = 7% [Team of 8 to manage service delivery]
● Educational Services expenses: INR 21,69,21,152 (AUD 3,910,805) = 93% [Service delivery via 19 NGOs, teacher salaries, materials]

Sponsor an LC!

Reach out to discuss how you can sponsor your own Learning Centre and dedicate it to a loved one!

Learning Centres in India

State Literacy Rate (%) IIMPACT
Male Female Gender Gap # LCs
Rajasthan  88.9 64.7 24.2 321
Uttar Pradesh  82.0 66.1 15.9 285
Uttarakhand  89.3 79.8 9.5 323
West Bengal  80.2 72.9 7.3 206
Bihar  76.4 55.0 21.4 148
Madhya Pradesh  81.3 65.4 15.9 69
Haryana  91.5 79.7 11.8 62
Odisha  84.6 69.5 15.1 45
Jharkhand  81.3 61.7 19.6 53
Chhattisgarh  82.6 72.5 10.1 41
Himachal Pradesh  92.8 90.7 2.1 15
TOTAL: Learning Centres       1,568
TOTAL: GIRLS       44,787

Did you know?

You can visit your sponsored Learning Centre – in person or via a virtual visit we can organise. Ask us how!

41 Australian-funded Learning Centres

Uttar Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh
Other States

Are Learning Centres making an impact?

Measuring the impact of our work is critical to our success. We receive a quarterly report from IIMPACT India on key metrics for the Learning Centres we sponsor. These include:

a) enrolment of girls b) assessment of girls c) teacher training and participation d) assessment of teachers e) events and activities.

Several of the Indian corporates who fund IIMPACT under their CSR programs conduct independent evaluations of the LCs they sponsor. Some of these are published here.

Independent Evaluation Reports on IIMPACT

Girls' Educational Assessment (Sample from Jul-Sep 2022)

Visit our News page to check out these quarterly reports.

Sponsor a Learning Centre on your own

Choose a Learning Centre to sponsor and sponsor it as an individual, sponsor through your organisation or with a group of friends. You may be able to select a location and can choose to name the Centre, with signage. You can hold a launch event (at your cost and with prior arrangement) and visit the Centre. You will get regular updates on the progress of your Learning Centre.

Sponsored Learning Centres

Sponsor a Learning Centre

Reach out to select an LC for you to sponsor!