30 June 2022

In the financial year 21-22 we continue to raise funds for the education of girl children through IIMPACT India.

Fund Raising sources in the past have been

  1. Annual Movie Event
  2. Digital platforms and social media
  3. Charitable Foundations
  4. Individual and Corporate Giving

We have added the following to it in the current year

  1. Golf fund raiser
  2. Focus on LC (Learning Centre) sponsorship by individuals and corporates

Due to the Covid Pandemic, the annual movie Fund Raiser in Sep, and the Melbourne Cup event at the home of Shraevani and Sub in Nov, could not be held but we did pick up donations in lieu.

A Golf Fund Raising event, organised by MAGIC on 6 February 2022, yielded substantial donations and an LC sponsorship.  The 27 participants were very gracious in their respective contributions, and the MAGIC organising committee are keen to make it into an annual event.

This financial year we have considerably enhanced the number of LC sponsorships. We intend to grow this area more.

In India there are 147 LCs, which have been impacted by reduced corporate financing, due to Covid Pandemic, and are in dire need of funding. Any support in direct donations or reaching out to people and corporates for money would be gratefully cherished.

Rajiv Dhar

President, IIMPACT Australia