Volunteer: Search Engine Marketing Lead

Run our Google AdWords Campaigns with a $10k budget!

Job Title

SEM Lead

Reports to

Chief Digital Officer

Start Date

1 April 2021


The Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Lead will work with the Chief Digital Officer to implement effective Google Ad campaigns using Google Console Tools, incl. Google Analytics and Google AdWords (with $10,000 per month NFP grant available).

Expected Outcomes

A clear and documented approach as well as an uplift in website traffic through google ad campaigns. Metrics:

  1. Value of online donations via website from organic and paid search traffic.
  2. Increase in memberships (volunteer and full) captured via website.

Key Activities

  • Develop overall SEM strategy and tactics with CDO.
  • Tailor website content (with business sponsors) to achieve higher organic traffic.
  • Design and execute AdWords campaigns within budget.
  • Achieve increase in traffic and conversions of agreed calls to action.
  • Report on baseline and improvements on a quarterly basis.

Time Commitment

1-2 hours per week.

Skills Required

  • SEM/SEO Strategy
  • Google Console
  • Google AdWords
  • Google Analytics

Other information

This is a volunteer role and unpaid. IIMPACT Australia is a registered charity, see here for details.