What is iimpact Australia?

iimpact Educating the Girl Child, Inc.  was established as a charity in February 2013 by a small number of Australian professionals. Click here for details.

What is iimpact India?

iimpact India are our partners for service delivery and management on the ground in India. Click here for details.

What services are you delivering now?

iimpact Australia funds several Learning Centres, of almost 2,000 run by iimpact India. Click here for details.

What is a Learning Centre?

A Learning Centre offers primary education to 30 girl children in a selected rural location in India. Click here for details.

How much does it cost to sponsor a Learning Centre?

At this time, we are collecting $2,500 from Australian sponsors to cover the cost of operating a Learning Centre for one year. Click here for details.

How can I contact iimpact Australia?