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How India's girl children get left behind

4 million girls between 6 and 14 years old are out of school in India. Parents in rural areas keep their girls home to help at home or with family businesses, or because public schools are too far away or feel unsafe. As a result, female literacy rates vary dramatically across Indian states.

Giving India’s girl children the education they deserve

iimpact identifies areas with significant gender gaps in literacy, then involves parents and the community to establish Learning Centres in those areas. Between 2003 and today, iimpact has educated over 100,000 girls in over 1,500 villages.

We can't do it alone. We need your help.

7 Learning Centres have been closed due to lower donations during COVID-19. You can sponsor one and help us keep it open right now. If that doesn’t fit your budget, you can crowdfund one, or even volunteer to help us raise funds.

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How one girl changed a village

Read Bhuteri’s inspirational story and find out how one girl changed a village.

COVID Reduces Funding in India

Due to a shortfall in corporate funding, 80 Learning Centres (2400 girls) need sponsorship. You can help.

Make a Donation

You can make a one-off or recurring donation – just $50 educates a girl child for a year.

Sponsor a Learning Centre

Whether you’re an individual, foundation/corporate, or a private group of friends or colleagues, you can sponsor a Learning Centre on your own. There are many benefits, including the opportunity to name it with signage. See where our Learning Centres that need the most help are located and choose one that feels right.

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Become a volunteer

Your engagement is critical. You can help us raise awareness and get your friends, family and colleagues involved in the important work iimpact is doing. Read more about membership on our Membership page.


Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to questions on topics like the services we provide, the cost to sponsor a Learning Centre, and how to contact us.