Facebook Fundraising instructions

Facebook Fundraiser Instructions

Did you know that iimpact Australia is a facebook registered charity?

How to set up a Facebook fundraiser in 6 simple steps

Setting up a fundraiser page on facebook is simple. Follow the 6 steps below to successfully set up your facebook fundraiser page:

  1. Once logged in to facebook, click on the + symbol  at the top of the screen
  2. Select the ‘Fundraiser‘ option
  3.  Select ‘Charity
  4. Search for ‘IIMPACT’ in the field and select ‘IIMPACT Educating the Girl Child Incorporated‘ from the list
  5.  You can use the left hand panel to personalise the content on the page, upload the cover photo, etc. 
  6. When you have finished editing your fundraiser content, hit the ‘Create‘ button which will save and publish the fundraiser page.
Note: The above steps are for a desktop journey. The mobile steps to creating a fundraiser page are different to the above.

Download the iimpact Australia cover photo for your fundraising page

Give your fundraiser page a professional look and feel by downloading our fundraiser cover image. Click the button below to download the cover image.