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FCRA Update

  • The Foreign Contributions (Regulation) Act 2010 in India (FCRA) now requires all charities to use overseas funds to directly pay for expenses, rather than via third parties (such as the NGOs that deliver services for IIMPACT India). This affects all foreign-funded charities in India.
  • To comply with these regulations, IIMPACT India will now directly pay around 70% of costs (such as teacher salaries, supervision, teaching materials) for each LC sponsored by IIMPACT Australia, from the AUD funds we send them. They will cover the balance of overheads (30%) for each LC from their local INR fundraising. The balance of our funding for 28 LCs (as at 1 Jun 2023) will be used to fund 70% of costs for an additional 12 LCs, under the same model. These LCs will be shown as sponsored by IIMPACT Australia.
  • LC sponsors will continue to enjoy full visitation and signage rights, with no changes. Note that all of your donation is still being applied to the compliant funding of LCs in India.

Quarterly Report on Learning Centres supported by IIMPACT Australia

You would be aware that due to COVID lockdowns, our Learning Centres in India could not operate as normal over the last two years.  This last quarter, IIMPACT India conducted a baseline assessment to see how the girls had fared. You can read more about all activities over July – September 2022 in the newsletter prepared by IIMPACT India just for our LCs.

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