IIMPACT Australia works closely with IIMPACT India, our service delivery partner for the education of girl children in rural India. IIMPACT India was founded in March 2003 by the alumni of the 1978 batch of the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA) to mark their  Silver Jubilee reunion.  IIMA is a premier management education institution in Asia.

IIMPACT India was established with the single-minded objective of educating the under-privileged girl child from socially and economically disadvantaged sections of society. It has no religious or political affiliations.

IIMPACT India provides an alternative educational opportunity to girls, mostly from disadvantaged sections, who have limited or no access to schools. This is done through community-based Learning Centres, where they get meaningful and stimulating education up to Class 5 and are supported to enter mainstream education. Sound foundations established at IIMPACT Learning Centres prepare them for a good academic future.


IIMPACT in India – An Overview

For an overview of iimpact’s work, including vision, strategy and outcomes, see IIMPACT in India – An Overview.

Learning Centres in India

State Literacy Rate (%) IIMPACT
Male Female Gender Gap # LCs
Rajasthan  88.9 64.7 24.2 321
Uttar Pradesh  82.0 66.1 15.9 285
Uttarakhand  89.3 79.8 9.5 323
West Bengal  80.2 72.9 7.3 206
Bihar  76.4 55.0 21.4 148
Madhya Pradesh  81.3 65.4 15.9 69
Haryana  91.5 79.7 11.8 62
Odisha  84.6 69.5 15.1 45
Jharkhand  81.3 61.7 19.6 53
Chhattisgarh  82.6 72.5 10.1 41
Himachal Pradesh  92.8 90.7 2.1 15
TOTAL: Learning Centres       1,568
TOTAL: GIRLS       44,787


Entity name IIMPACT, Established 15 Jul 2003:

Address: M – 2/3, Ground Floor, DLF City Phase II, Gurgaon, Haryana – 122002 India. Check out Annual Reports of IIMPACT IndiaAt the end of 2012, iimpact released a special report titled Educating the Girl Child – Transforming LivesWebsite: iimpact.org.

FCRA Requirements

The Foreign Contributions (Regulation) Act 2010 in India (FCRA) now requires all charities to use overseas funds to directly pay for expenses, rather than via third parties (such as the NGOs that deliver services for IIMPACT India). This affects all foreign-funded charities in India.

To comply with these regulations, IIMPACT India will now directly pay around 70% of costs (such as teacher salaries, supervision, teaching materials) for each LC sponsored by IIMPACT Australia, from the AUD funds we send them. They will cover the balance of overheads (30%) for each LC from their local INR fundraising. The balance of our funding for 28 LCs (as at 1 Jun 2023) will be used to fund 70% of costs for an additional 12 LCs, under the same model. These LCs will be shown as sponsored by IIMPACT Australia. LC sponsors will continue to enjoy full visitation and signage rights, with no changes. Note that all of your donation is still being applied to the compliant funding of LCs in India.

See the IIMPACT Renewal-FCRA Certificate here.

Educating the Girl Child - Transforming Lives

Annual Report

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A summary of what IIMPACT Australia does and offers to sponsors of our Learning Centres.