One of the best ways to help support us in our critical mission is to get involved and help us in the important work we’re doing. There are two ways you can do this – volunteer and become an associate member, or become a voting member and have a say in the direction of the organisation. as well

Get informed

Stay up-to-date on issues affecting IIMPACT – sign up for our newsletter.

Get engaged

Tell your friends and family about IIMPACT’s work, or become a voting member to have a say.

Raise funds

Run a fundraising event at work or via your social networks.

Become a volunteer

Want to help with our cause by offering your skills and time? We are run by volunteers and can always use another hand. Right now we are building a Digital Team. Click here for open positions.

You can help raise funds to support a Learning Centre in India. Some ideas include:

  • Crowdfund a Learning Centre featured on our website
  • Run a social campaign to get your friends on board
  • Suggest your employer consider a corporate donation
  • Run a fundraising event at work (don’t forget many workplaces will match donations)

To get started as an iimpact volunteer, register below to get FREE Associate Membership. There is a token $1 fee to sign up.

Become a voting member

You can also sign up to support the cause as a voting member of the association. As a member, you are entitled to the following privileges:

  • Being eligible to vote in the association’s annual elections
  • Being eligible to stand for election to the Managing Committee
  • Receiving invitations to exclusive events

You can view our Constitution here.  Anyone can join us as a member in conformance with this Constitution by paying a joining fee of $100 and an annual membership fee of $100. Financial members are entitled to vote at an AGM and also be nominated and elected to the Committee.

These fees go towards supporting the administrative expenses, such as local events and payment processing fees. Members are critical to keeping our promise to donors – 100% of donations go towards service delivery!

Become a member

Choose associate or full membership and get involved.