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The team at IIMPACT Australia are all volunteers – professionals bringing their skills to the table, with a common objective of helping as many girl children in rural India as possible. We are a fast growing team with skills in areas like Digital Strategy, Graphic Design, Project Management, and Management Consultancy to name a few. 

Meet our IIMPACT Champions

Shanti Mendonca

Shanti is a visual communication strategist, who heads her own company Be Mused Pty Ltd. She believes in empowering young women and girls to build purposeful and fulfilling lives by sharing her passion in philanthropy. 

Divya Gautam

Divya is passionate about access to education being a key lever to lift people out of poverty. Through her background in finance and management consulting, Divya uses her skills and experience in our Corporate Giving program

Sudheer Vyas

Sudheer Vyas hails from Bikaner in Rajasthan and ran the Sydney marathon on behalf of the Rajasthani Association of NSW  to raise funds for a Learning Centre in Rihana, Bundi District, Rajasthan.

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Here at IIMPACT Australia we are always on the lookout for skilled volunteers who are keen to sharpen your skills and make a difference. Reach out to us!