iIMPACT India Trust CEO Nirmala Tandon made an impassioned appeal for support via a Skype video-link from Gurgaon, India to invited guests at iIMPACT’s formal launch on Friday, 9 August, 2013.  “Even after graduation from iIMPACT Learning Centres at Year 5, our girls remain connected to iIMPACT teachers, administrators and sponsors.  Those completing school have appealed to their sponsors for support with college education, vocational education or jobs – and they have not been disappointed.”

Ms Tandon spoke with ‘passion and compassion’ when describing the circumstances of villagers in remote areas such as Uttarakhand, often several hours away even from a dirt road.  iIMPACT seeks out such neglected areas to establish the innovative Learning Centres for ‘joyful learning’ by girls in the 6-14 year age group.  Ms Tandon also announced that the first Learning Centre funded by iIMPACT Australia would be named as such and located close to New Delhi International airport for convenient visits by Australian supporters.

Chief Guest, His Excellency Mr Arun Goel, Consul General of India, gave examples of outstanding achievements by young men and women from rural and disadvantaged communities, proving they only needed the opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities and achieve their potential.  He commended iMPACT and similar organisations that are delivering significant outcomes at low cost and transforming entire communities.

iIMPACT Australia Patron, Mrs Alka Goel, warmly congratulated Ms Tandon for iIMPACT’s achievements in developing such a large organisation to deliver educational services to 25,000 children across 8 States of India.

Eminent guests, being prominent members of the Indian community, alumni of the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad and supporters were unanimous in their admiration for the achievements of iIMPACT in India since being founded in 2003.

iIMPACT Australia President, Dilip Rao, said the local organisation had already raised over $5,000 since early 2013, primarily via the collection of small cash donations at the Indian Visa & Passport Offices with the support of partner VFS Global.  He said the team was enthusiastic about funding 30 Learning Centres over the next 12 months via individual and corporate sposors from the generous Australian community.  He was joined by other members of the local Managing Committee in thanking guests, His Excellency the Consul General of India and Patron Mrs Alka Goel for their presence and encouragement.

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